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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

22nd October 2018

Nanna Villiers (25) and Albert John (23) woke up at 2:30 am on Saturday night to find 6 attackers at the end of their bed armed with knives, guns and a wrench, 3 wore balaclavas - as Nanna tried to keep her boyfriend Albert calm, she was struck on the head by the wrench, they beat Nanna and Albert before tying up Albert telling him to watch as they were all going to rape his woman, Nanna realised at that moment it was life or death, they were not getting out alive and she started to fight and managed to press the panic button and the attackers ran. Nanna says " they did not come here to steal they walked past a tv and other valuable items to get to our bedroom all 6 were armed to kill". 
She has a broken cheekbone and sinus bank with her sunken eye socket and is having terrible nighmares after their horrendous attack. Albert was released and is at Nanna's bedside. 


Original article in Afrikaans -
Man who attacked Blackie van der Berg found guilty
The man that attacked and raped Blackie van der Berg (62) last year on her farm between Sanieshof and Ottasdale in North West was found guilty on the charges linked to the attack.
Teka Mokgomotsi (21) was found guilty on Friday 19 October 2018 of 2 charges of rape (1 was for Van der Berg and the other charge for another woman), house robbery with aggravated assault, house breaking, attempted murder and illegal firearm - sentencing will be on the 29 October 2018
A year ago Blackie van der Berg was in her kitchen when she heard a noise on the roof like a cat walking on the roof, she heard the security gate being broken and realised someone is trying to break in, she ran to the bedroom closing the security gate in the passage way, got her firearm out  During this time there was another one that was already breaking and bending the trellidor in the passage way and the other one was standing outside, she shot a few warning shots but this did not deter them, she closed and locked her bedroom, she phoned her neighbour for help and by this time the attacker was breaking down her bedroom door with a garden fork- she said "stop or I am going to shoot you" and his reply was "shoot, we are coming for you". He got in through a hole he had broken in the door and then he hit her with the garden fork, he ripped her clothes and raped her, during the struggling he got hold of her gun and tried to shoot her but the gun had no bullets left, he then then started strangling her, outside the neighbours had just arrived so he dragged her down the passage by her hair and then ran out the house. 

Original article in Afrikaans -

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