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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

20th October 2018

Woman on a farm tackles attackers with knife
68 year Vicki Bouwer (68) was attacked shortly before midnight on Saturday on farm Schoongezicht in Mpumalanga, she always locked her bedroom door and slept with her dog and a large knife and a panga as she always knew the farm would be attacked.
5 armed attackers climbed over the fence and bashed down the back door, the noise woke Vicki Bouwer, she was unable to phone for help before they kicked her door open, she managed to stab one of the attackers in the arm before they overpowered her and tied her up with electrical cable on her hands and rope on her feet. The one said to the other "she's an old lady, she won't have money". They broke out and stole 2 safes with weapons, her cell phone, the farmers angle grinder, brand new chain saw, welding machine and the farmers bakkie. The bakkie was found on the N4 luckily it had a tracking device that cut the engine, they went on foot with all the items and the police are now looking for them. 

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