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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

26th March 2018

Land grabs happening now!!
At this very moment there are protests and land claims happening in Hermanus. Gun shots everywhere!!  I have tried to roughly translate one of many land grabs going on in SA right now!  
Most of the news in the last couple weeks regarding landgrabs are in Afrikaans only, as the ANC is not interested!  I have roughly translated the first paragraph...the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) political party are doing all they can to help.
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Family lives in fear after ANC councillor refuses people and police refuse to act against traitors
The Editorial
A small-family family near Dannhuasser in KwaZulu-Natal says they live 'day and night in fear' after about 300 people of the community entered their land illegally and robbed goats, sheep, chickens and tools while two local police officers and an ANC councillor, stood and watched.  The owner of the smallholding, Leon Ackerman, lives with his wife and other relatives who include children.
The situation was very explosive on Friday and the family is threatened daily by people in the area who believe the family has given seven days to leave the ground. Today, the family is told that people in the area sign a petition saying they have time to leave their land for seven days.  The people told them the police had approved the petition and that the ANC in Pietermaritzburg would make it 'legal'.
“The leader of the FF+, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, will take the matter at the highest level with the police".  According to the Ackermans, about three hundred people armed with, among other things, kieries and hijackers, entering their land on Monday after a local ANC councilor (whose name is known) allegedly urged them to do so.
Members of the police station at Dannhausser apparently refused to accept a complaint and the family approached the local livestock unit. The cattle were recovered during the week and a number of people were arrested.
According to the Ackermans, the people were released later, allegedly commissioned by a senior police officer in the province.
“The FF Plus intervened this week by activating the local security networks of the farmers to help the Ackermans if necessary," said Lourie Bosman, FF Plus councilor and spokesperson on land issues.
"The family will also be assisted to lodge a complaint with another police station as the police on Dannhausser still refuse to assist and the leader of the FF Plus, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, will raise the issue at the highest level with the police record.
"These events underline the ignorance currently under ground of the ANC government's decision on expropriation without compensation, and the extremely explosive situation created when this ignorance is exploited and fueled by raging political statements," said Bosman

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