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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

5th October 2018

'My name is K, sister of A, who was involved in a land grab attack - A was born in England, our  parents came to South Africa in 1965 with three small children - my parents had five children altogether - myself and our younger sister were born in South Africa.

My sister and her husband, L, were attacked on their smallholding by a mob of more than 300 armed with pangas, knobkerries and guns - their son heard a loud speaker in the distance, went to have a look and saw the mob coming - he managed to get everyone out of the house and as they watched from a distance the mob descended onto their property - they ransacked all the buildings, stealing all the equipment and livestock, and defacated on the lawn and took the washing off the line to use as toilet paper.

They accused the farmers in the area of stealing from them and said they are taking back what is theirs, that their ancestors had stolen and they were there to get it all back.

An ANC councillor gave permission for this attack and was part of the mob attack.  When they phoned for assistance only two policemen came and just stood and watched.  When L went to lay a complaint at the police station they refused to help.

L is too scared to name the councillor as they have been threatened and were told the mob is coming back and the next time they won't escape. When nine suspects were arrested their families threatened the councillor with his life and said he had orchestrated the attack so they must be let free - they were released on the orders of a senior police official.

They have started expropriating land without compensation.

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