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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks (4)

2nd September 2018

British birdwatcher stabbed to death by a mugger in the South African bush

The Sun - Nick Parker, Chief Foreign Correspondent

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The 60-year-old played bass for the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra after leaving London.
A British birdwatcher bled to death after being stabbed by a mugger in the South African bush after police took 12 hours to find him.
Simon Milliken, 60, was chased and stabbed by the robber on a trail just 500 yards into the Burman Bush nature reserve near Durban.
An American companion escaped and managed to raise the alarm but rescue teams were unable to find Mr Milliken after he staggered dying into dense forest.
And he was beyond hope when a police tracker dog team found him the next day with stab wounds which had penetrated his lungs.
Police launched a manhunt for the mugger after he escaped with Mr Milliken’s camera.
The tragic Briton was a prominent musician, playing principal bass with the Kwazula-Natal Philharmonic Orchesta.
He had a home in Durban but had a mother and brother in the UK, who were understood to have been informed yesterday.
South african sources said he and his wife Maria had both been keen birdwatchers for years but he had been out with a pal looking for rare species when the robber pounced.
A source close to the inquiry told The Sun last night: “It looks like he could have bled to death during the night from a punctured lung and was alive for a long time.
“There are lots of questions being asked about the speed of the recovery and we’ll have to wait for the post mortem examination.
“The closest tracker dog from the police K9 unit was in Richards Bay 170km away.
“It took them all night to get the dog to Durban by Saturday morning and the victim’s body was recovered at about 6am.”
A police spokeswoman said:”The body of a white male had been recovered.
“A murder case has been opened for investigation.”
Simon was walking with visiting US & Hong Kong based conductor Perry So who had been conducting the KZN Philly for the last two weeks.

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