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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks (2)

6th September 2018

Eyewitness News:  To view this article online please click here.
Lindsay Dentlinger
Eyewitness News - 6th September
CAPE TOWN - Deputy President David Mabuza says the country's land reform programme must change because the current model is unworkable and causing frustration.
He says those in possession of the land must accept that there needs to be redress.
Answering questions in the National Council of Provinces on Wednesday afternoon, Mabuza said the intention of changing the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation is not intended to drive farmers from their land.
Rather, he says, it's an opportunity for them to step up and offer to share it with those who have been dispossessed.
The deputy president says the slow pace of land reform is causing a lot of resentment among claimants.
He says there's no point in the state holding on to land because it does not transfer the value of the land to users.
Mabuza says commercial farmers must recognise that the land on which they are farming, was taken from other people.
“We don't want to destroy the productive capacity of the land. They must step forward and share the land.”
He says the ANC wants to respect the supreme law of the country in changing the land reform strategy.
“We are not chasing anyone. We are all South Africans. According to the Freedom Charter, people shall share in the country's wealth.”
Meanwhile, a trip Mabuza took to Russia on a Gupta-chartered aircraft in 2015, has once again been raised in Parliament.
Mabuza was asked by the DA to come clean about the trip which he took to Moscow to undergo medical treatment for alleged poisoning.
But Mabuza says there was nothing untoward about the trip and he was too ill to attend to the details.
The deputy president does not deny that he flew on a Gupta-linked Bombardier jet to Russia, but says he was so ill, the details are vague.
He was asked by the DA's Cathlene Labuschagne whether he ever met a Russian diplomat known for negotiating mining deals, who was allegedly on board the same flight to Moscow.
But Mabuza says it was the worst flight of his life and he can’t recall who was on board.
“The only thing that I noticed is that I was on a flight. Throughout the flight, I was on very high pain medication.”
Mabuza says his attention was on his health.
He says he's thankful to the Russian government for treating him in a public hospital.
“There’s nothing between me and the Guptas and the Russians till today.”

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