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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks (5)

29th August 2018

Please take note that the present day AgriSA is government/ANC controlled.  They do NOT carry the interests of our farmers to heart, namely the farm murders and expropriation of land without compensation. Please do not base theories or decisions on what AgriSA says. The old AgriSA of many years ago is no longer with us. 
Links below to online news (dated November 2017, old news) where The Guardian is supporting and publishing AgriSA statistics on S.A. farm murders, which is in fact false and a lie. AfriForum works closely with our farmers, as well as the concerns of the minority of South Africa which is under threat from the ANC government... the EFF is also involved with the ANC, especially when the target is the same, in this case the minority, white people, brown people and Indian. Lies, thievery and corruption between these two parties(ANC & EFF) are constant...
The Guardian - Murders of Farmers in South Africa at 20 year low, research shows - click here to read article
Farmers Weekly - AGRI SA will not join AfriForum march against farm murders - click here to read article
YouTube video showing the tensions that exist between AfriForum and AgriSA - please click here to view.
YouTube video (16 May 2018) taken from the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News - please click here to view.
In this more recent YouTube video (6 days ago) Ernst Roets says AfriForum's lobbying has had an impact on the Trump tweet - please click here to view.

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