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Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

17th May 2018

A letter written by Graeme Coburn...if only the rest of the world knew a normal day in the life of a South African
'The hate runs ice cold through my veins as I sit with my coffee and wait for the sun to come up and present us with another tough day in this African land we were all BORN in.
I have come to realize that we are at the stage of full blown civil war in low intensity battles throughout this country. We live daily with the threat of death, the brutality of rape against our wives, mothers and daughters. This is not the way life is meant to be lived.
It is very clear for many years now that the government that occasionally verbally condemns the violence of our societies, but does not act in any meaningful way to protect its citizens has an unspoken agenda. This war against its citizens is a Cold War and is never declared by those in power. It is however an unspoken reality that serves a purpose for them in many ways, thereby creating a balance to keep them in power.
On the extreme side of the balancing scale!
1. It feeds those that believe in murder of our white farmers is the only solution to taking the land.
2. It permits gatherings of people without meaningful prevention, that wish to burn and destroy our property in mass frenzy, thereby satisfying their uneducated en masse blood lust.
3. Portrays themselves to be a saviour of the poor downtrodden black people of this country( and rest of Africa invited) and promotes them to help themselves to the white peoples assets through theft and taxation.
The above suits those in power because it gives them the breathing space they need to continue to personally pillage this country on a scale never before seen in a so called civil society. The poverty and unemployment of the poor masses falls right into the plan of an excuse to tax the white person to the maximum and to use as many state projects and tenders for supplying to the state everything from houses, hospitals and submarines at 3 times their real cost. Without huge problems you wouldn't need huge projects and that means no huge thievery of Rbillions of available cash portrayed to be used for helping their brothers out of poverty.
Even the small and medium size contracts are so skew and yet on the surface seem like positive government spending. Example. Police need to increase the level of their personal safety - they need 5000 new top of the range bullet proof vests. Reasonably expenditure on the surface. NO. The tender will be awarded to the cousin of a person of influence in government. It will not be the cheapest. It will not be the best, but the vest will end up costing the taxpayer R24 000 each by the time they are delivered to police stores for distribution to officers. Oh, and 2000 of the 5000 will have gone missing in transit to be sold to criminals at a profit for those in control.
This leadership is still the same people that negotiated with FW (gee weer) 28 years ago to put themselves in a position of power and enrichment. Would you change your business model if it worked, obviously not when it makes those in power incredible amounts of money.
The people of this country are still being manipulated and quietly pushed along a path of murder violence and mayhem to serve a financial a political goal'.

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