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Eastern UKIP MEPs condemn Richard Howitt smear

9th October 2014

UKIP's three Eastern Region MEPs have condemned an outrageous tweet from Labour's Richard Howitt who has accused UKIP of wanting to put people with learning difficulties in camps and in support of aborting disabled children.
Stuart Agnew MEP said: "Richard Howitt has track record of outrageous lies about UKIP but this time he has completely overstepped the mark. He should be absolutely ashamed."
Patrick O'Flynn MEP said: "Labour are clearly rattled by the rise of UKIP and when it gets rattled it also gets nasty. I hope Richard Howitt withdraws this disgusting slur. If he does not then it is he who is demeaned by it and not us."
Tim Aker MEP said: "Once again we see Richard Howitt sink into gutter politics. His lies get more and more sickening."
The tweet reads: "UKIP says abort disabled children, put people w/learning diffs in camps & bans disabled candidates.”

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