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Why I didn't join the Brexit Party

29th May 2019

During the election campaign I was frequently asked the following; Why didn’t you join Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party ?
Here are the reasons.
When Gerard Batten became leader of UKIP in April 2018 he made his opposition to the creeping Islamification of Britain very clear. I felt that both he and Lord Pearson had been courageous in their truthful statements about this issue, and that I would be cowardly if I took the easy option of saying it was “too toxic to touch”. I wanted to back Gerard, I wanted to be seen to be backing him, and I want my grandchildren to know that I backed him. It is they who will witness the rise of Islam as a political force and they will witness  the day in 2067 (as forecast by the ONS) when there are more Muslims than Non-Muslims in England. Unless we make it clear very soon that there is no such thing as Sharia Law in Britain, then it will eventually and inevitably become our law. The devaluing of females and intolerance of homosexuality means that at least half of our population will find that their rights are profoundly reduced.
Gerard’s much condemned remark about the “death cult” was proven right a thousand times over recently  by the Sultan of Brunei . The Sultan announced that henceforth all homosexuals in his country would be stoned to death in the name of Islam. I would have felt greatly heartened if our 3.5 million Muslim community had reacted by competing with each other to denounce this statement in the strongest possible terms. Instead the silence of these 3.5 million is a very loud warning.
Membership or non-membership of the EU is a very important issue, but it should be seen in the context of changes that are being forced upon us from within.
All the MEPs who joined Nigel broke their agreed code of conduct with UKIP (that they would resign their seats if they left UKIP) on the assumption that they stood a better chance of being elected under his colours than those of UKIP. All but two of these were subsequently dumped by Nigel. This would probably have been my fate. What a shameful departure from politics.

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