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UKIP uncovers TB epidemic at Cambridgeshire vegetable packaging plant

21st March 2014

The Leader of the UKIP Group on Cambridgeshire County Council, Cllr Paul Bullen has discovered that twenty migrant workers at a vegetable packaging plant in Chatteris in Cambridgeshire are suffering with TB and one may even have died from it, though cause of death has yet to be confirmed.
Cllr Bullen said:  “I had been hearing rumours about this and today, I confronted Cambridgeshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Mark Lloyd, who confirmed to me that there have been 20 confirmed cases of TB at the plant and that one person has died.  It is not yet confirmed that TB is the cause of death but it may well be.  I am advised that TB is endemic at the plant and that the workers involved live locally in Chatteris and Peterborough.  The risk of this disease spreading, speaks for itself.
“I believe that officers of the Council in various departments have known about this for some time and have made no effort to alert the public, which cannot be right.  I am going to be raising this issue with the full Council and demanding to know what steps the Council is taking to isolate this TB outbreak and to protect the public.”

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