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New poll confirms Great Yarmouth as UKIP target seat

17th December 2013

A new opinion poll carried out by Survation has confirmed UKIP as a front runner in the race to win the Parliamentary seat of Great Yarmouth at the 2015 General Election.  Funded by Alan Bown, a leading UKIP donor, the Poll puts UKIP on 30%, a massive increase in support of 25% since the 2010 General Election, and in second place to Labour with 37%.  Most worryingly for the Conservative Party, their support has fallen to just 28%, compared with 43% in 2010.  The Liberal Democrats are out of sight with only 4%.  The Great Yarmouth poll is one for four polls commissioned in marginal seats.
Stuart Agnew MEP, who represents the Eastern Counties of England said: “This is most encouraging news for UKIP and clearly demonstrates that we are now a major force in British politics, taking votes from all parties and within touching distance of winning a number of Westminster seats across the country.  In Great Yarmouth, the poll suggests two things; first that it is a two horse race between UKIP and Labour and secondly, that voting Conservative could give the seat to Labour.
“The Survation poll also asked voters their main reason for voting UKIP.  Only 17% gave their reason as a protest vote, while a massive 61% said they would vote UKIP because of its policies.  This clearly demonstrates the maturity of our Party and its message.  We are now a leading contender in both the 2014 European Election AND the 2015 General Election.”
Further information:
Great Yarmouth has been a key swing seat since the 1980s, which the Conservatives regained from Labour in 2010. Our polling shows that not only is Labour forecast to regain this seat in 2015, but the Conservatives are in danger of slipping from first to third place, behind UKIP who have surged from 5% to 30% – alongside South Thanet the highest figure we have polled them in out of the constituency polls published so far. Far from this being a result of UKIP simply depressing the Conservative vote, however, the poll shows UKIP taking almost as many votes from Labour as from the Conservatives. 
- See more at: http://survation.com/2013/12/alan-bown-polls-4-new-constituencies/#sthash.uZNnGjOF.dpuf

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