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Stuiart Agnew MEP speaks up for UK farmers struggling with EID sheep tagging regulations

4th November 2013

Speaking during a debate in the European Parliament’s agriculture committee meeting in Brussels (4.11.13), the UK Independence Party’s agriculture spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP spoke up for UK farmers who are struggling to cope with the regulations on electronic tagging of sheep (EID) and who are “hit harder than anybody else.”
Mr Agnew said that there were significant difficulties in operating the system when large numbers of sheep are involved.  He referred to a flock of some 3,000 animals:  “All of these animals have to be electronically tagged, as do their lambs.  There is a machine to read these tags and that, in itself, is only 96-98% accurate, so you’ve already got a problem there.  And, of course, the tags fall out.
“When inspectors come to the farm, they are not really looking around the farm.  What they want to do is check the paperwork and it quickly becomes apparent that the tags don’t tie up properly.  And then, of course, the farmer is fined anything up to three or four thousand pounds.
“Now, I am urging you to urge the Council to take a very light touch towards infringements of EID.  It hits the UK farmer harder than anybody else and I hope that I can impress this on you.”
The full speech can be viewed at:  http://www.ukipmeps.org/articles_746_Agnew-E-tagging-hits-UK-farmer-more-than-anybody-else.html

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