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Stuart Agnew

The European Commission sucks more than our vacuum cleaners!

4th November 2013

New European Commission regulations mean that the motors in domestic vacuum cleaners will be limited to 1,600W from September 2014 and 900W from 2017.  Reacting to this latest piece of red tape from the European Commission, the UKIP MEP for the East of England Stuart Agnew, said:
“First they came for our light bulbs, then Milk of Magnesia and toilet flushes, now EU officials are coming after our vacuum cleaners.  This petty interference won’t save any power because it means that vacuum cleaners will have to be run for longer, to do the same job.  These regulations take no account of the efficiency of vacuum cleaners, merely the amount of power used.  An efficient and more powerful machine may need to be switched on for much less time than the under-powered machines being proposed by the Commission.  These new rules will end up providing consumers with considerably less efficient vacuum cleaners and I am concerned about the long term effects this needless EU interference could have on the health of asthma sufferers in the UK.
“With 26 million people unemployed in the EU, hasn’t the European Commission got anything better to do?  The Commission is clearly going to suck a great deal more than will our vacuum cleaners!”

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