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Chaos in European Parliament as President faints and controversial Agri Report is voted through

13th March 2013

Chaos reigned in the European Parliament today (13.03.13)as it struggled to get through a mammoth voting list, which included three major votes on reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.  There was a debate over whether to postpone part of the voting but it was decided by the President of the Parliament, that it should carry on.  He was then taken ill, fainting after asking for a three minute break.
Stuart Agnew MEP, who is UKIP’s spokesman on agriculture, spoke in the Parliament to request that the controversial Dantin report on the ‘Common Market Organisation of Agricultural Products’ be sent back to the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee under rule 175.2.  He said: “This is very controversial and very large amounts of money are at stake in the private sector.  It could result in the closing down of a cane refinery in Britain.  Just to give you the extent of the difficulty in our Committee (Agricultural and Rural Development), when we first discussed it (the Dantin Report), the very first amendment was to scrap the whole thing; and 11 out of 44 MEPs supported it. 
“I think you owe it to your constituents for this to go back to the Committee and get a better resolution of it.”
Unfortunately, Mr Agnew was over-ruled and the report went to a vote where it was approved by 375 votes to 277, which, in European Parliamentary terms is very considerable opposition.
Speaking after the vote Mr Agnew said:  “It was a shambles with votes on amendments going through so fast that if you blinked you missed one.  No one can really be sure what has been agreed until a study of the fine print has been carried out.  This is not my idea of the way a Parliament should carry out its business.  The voters and the constituents this will affect, deserve better.”
The full speech can be viewed at:  http://tinyurl.com/d3ktebd

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