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Decision making on CAP reform “a series of shambolic compromises”

12th March 2013

During a debate in the European Parliament on the reform of the CAP (12th March 2013), East of England MEP, Stuart Agnew (UKIP) has described the decision making behind the planned changes to the policy as: “a series of shambolic compromises.”
Mr Agnew, who is the Party’s spokesman on agriculture, said: “Since the last reform process, two major dynamics have changed. 27 countries are now involved and the concept of co-decision with the Council has been introduced.  Between them, these two factors are bound to have reduced decision making to a series of shambolic compromises that have made a nonsense of the word ‘simplification’.”
He went on to attack greening measures included within the reform:  “Farmers are expected to solve the non-existent problem of man-made global warming with a series of measures that will do nothing to change the world’s weather but will reduce food production at a time when major world commodities are in a state of under supply.
“As a British MEP, I object to British farmers being told by the green lobby that they do not rotate crops properly when there is no evidence whatsoever to justify this.  This concern may well be relevant in other parts of Europe where maize is grown continuously.  The irony does not escape me that this largely happening because of the green lobby’s obsession with biofuels.”
Mr Agnew pointed out how divided the Parliament’s Agriculture Committee was over the reform proposals:  “In Committee, eleven out of 44 MEPs voted for an amendment to scrap the entire report.  That says it all!”
The full speech can be viewed at:  http://tinyurl.com/bmlr8ex


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