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South African Farm Attacks


30th June 2018

1st January 2018 to 31st May 2018 Statistics Poster - click here   12th April 2018 to 28th April 2018 Statistics Spreadsheet - click here   30th March 2018 to 12th April 2018 Statistics Spreadsheet - click here   1st January 2018 to 31st March 2018 Statistics Poster - click here   1st January 2018 to 28th February 2018 Statistics Poster - click here   January and Febr...

South African Farm Attacks

29th June 2018

I am using this section of my website to promote awareness of farm attacks in South Africa.   On 27th March 2018, my contact commented as follows:-   ‘I am not a journalist or farmer's wife, but an ordinary citizen trying to report on recent events seriously effecting the community in South Africa.   The African National Congress (ANC) is not publishing any news regarding l...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

14th June 2018

Herewith the statistics for farm murders and Attacks for May 2018. Please take note there are attacks on SA farms almost every day, but not all are recorded. These are the ones of note. My farm attack statistics or information was received from AfriForum:-   Click here for Afriforum link     Click here for Twitter link  

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

31st May 2018

A graphic map poster on farm murders and attacks (1st January 2018 - 31st May 2018) - click here

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

17th May 2018

A letter written by Graeme Coburn...if only the rest of the world knew a normal day in the life of a South African   'The hate runs ice cold through my veins as I sit with my coffee and wait for the sun to come up and present us with another tough day in this African land we were all BORN in.   I have come to realize that we are at the stage of full blown civil war in low intensit...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

14th May 2018

Very sadly, yesterday, two murder cases were reported on Mother's Day - Fanie (78) and Colleen Engelbrecht (74) were murdered on their farm situated near Poortjie on the West Rand. Their son found them when they did not arrive for lunch. The son also farmed on the same farm and lives in another house on the property. The tracks of 3 suspects were found, but no arrests were carried out. The...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

1st May 2018

Attached info on South Africa farm attacks for April. South Africa is in total chaos with ongoing protests up North.. total anarchy!  Screenshots attached and videos...unfortunately in Afrikaans, one video showing 35 trucks burnt in one night, looting, and robbing passers by...second video shows farmers defending themselves as the police force is not enough to protect citizens and farmers....

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

25th April 2018

SOUTH AFRICA IS UNDER ATTACK   We need help...military assistance! Farmers and community are trying to defend themselves but we are outnumbered. Tomorrow the EFF is planning to grab land wherever they see fit to do so. They plunder, steal, murder, burn...anarchy!!!!

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

24th April 2018

The gruesome cruelties suffered by the murdered Miss Helen Lotter, 57, and her mother Alice, 78:- Watchdog Link 

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

23rd April 2018

Murder statistics on South African farmers from 1994-2013:-   1994 - 35 murders 1995 - 53 murders 1996 - 36 murders 1997 - 72 murders 1998 - 97 murders 1999 - 61 murders 2000 - 78 murders 2001 - 76 murders 2002 - 83 murders 2003 - 65 murders 2004 - 61 murders 2005 - 59 murders 2006 - 101 murders 2007 - 119 murders 2008 - 116 murders 2009 - 147 murders 2010 - 153 murders 2011 - 120 murders ...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

19th April 2018

A graphic map poster on farm murders and attacks (1st January - 31st March 2018):-

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

16th April 2018

Another 3 farm attacks in less than 24 hours... Farm Attack:  Crissiesfontein close to Meyerton, Gauteng.  Victim was beaten with a wheel spanner by 3 attackers and was sent to hospital.  Firearm stolen.    Farm Attack:  Close to Eiland ATKV in Limpopo.  Macklendrift Farm.  Security guard was stabbed with knives by 3 attackers after which they stole...

Update - South Africa Farm Attacks Update

15th April 2018

5 Farm attacks in one week...   Farm Attack:  Bokfontein, North West.  7 attackers attacked lady and her 9 year old and 13 year old daughters.  They beat them with batons over their heads and backs.  Only laptop and 2 cellphones taken.  Only 2 attackers entered house.   Farm Attack:  De Wildt, North West.  8 attackers held up workers and stole 3 safe...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

7th April 2018

Thursday, 05 April, 2018 (11h30) ROBBERY   Female victim (76) attacked on a farm/AH outside Bathurst. 2 Suspects attacked the victim as she was unpacking groceries from the vehicle after returning from town. Suspects demanded cash and ransacked the residence before escaping in the victims vehicle with a flat screen TV, and a vacuum cleaner. A relative freed the victim at around 12h30 on Fr...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

5th April 2018

A graphic map poster on farm murders and attacks (1 January - 28 February):-     Latest news relating to the SA farm attacks - screenshots and link below:-   Nusa link    

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

3rd April 2018

Spreadsheet for the January/February Farm attacks and murders. Several victims sadly passed away due to their injuries following the attacks, days or even weeks thereafter.  Click here to view spreadsheet. Link to Twitter, stating these farm murders day by day, and within this page are additional links to the murder or attack of each case:  Twitter link Short news video: Yo...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

30th March 2018

White genocide imminent in South Africa   Members of political party Black First Land First (BLF) wear shirt with the lettering ‘Land or Death’   Less than 40 days into 2018 there were 41 farm attacks, and 5 murders on white farms. Being a white farmer in South Africa is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet.   According to ISS research, there are...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

29th March 2018

Farm attack statistics by AfriForum Crime statistics 2016/2017: Highest murder rate in ten years; Mbalula failing in his duty (October 24, 2017 by Marelie Greeff)   The civil rights watchdog AfriForum is of the opinion that there is currently no control over crime in South Africa and that residents can expect a further increase in violent crimes.   This follows after Fikile Mbalula, M...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

28th March 2018

JAILED for using the 'k' word   I wish for you to read the following news article. It is of great importance to understand the political climate in South Africa. White people are victimized.   Do you recall sir our conversation about cricket and team players chosen according to the colour of their skin? Whites are being persecuted. Julius Malema has voiced on countless occasions, Kill...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

27th March 2018

Hermanus peaceful town no more.. total anarchy:-  SearchSA Link     They are grabbing land illegally all over SA. The problem is the EFF.  It's complicating to understand what's their motif. They are revolutionary Communists who wants to grab the land of every white man as they believe we stole it... During the Settler wars. The EFF is unstable, erratic, v...

Update: South Africa Farm Attacks

26th March 2018

Land grabs happening now!!   At this very moment there are protests and land claims happening in Hermanus. Gun shots everywhere!!  I have tried to roughly translate one of many land grabs going on in SA right now!     Most of the news in the last couple weeks regarding landgrabs are in Afrikaans only, as the ANC is not interested!  I have roughly translated the fir...

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